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Why HappyJapan?

Why should I choose HappyJapan embroidery machines?

  • All models, both single-head and multi-head, are 100% produced at the factory in northern Japan
  • This enables HappyJapan to produce top-quality embroidery machines at very competitive prices
  • Very user-friendly: all machines have intuitive controls that are easy to learn and operate, and are easy on maintenance.
  • Owned and backed by Fortune 500 company Itochu Corporation = assured support for customers and continued growth
  • Texmac training and support, and large, interactive user community provides customers what they need to succeed and grow


Texmac offers the full line of top-quality commercial embroidery machines from HappyJapan, including a full range of single-head models and multi-heads ranging from 2 to 12 heads.  Shown here are some of our most popular models.

* Monthly payment based on 72-month term, 10% down payment for well-qualified buyers.  Rates subject to change. Pricing reflects standard machine package.

Compact and convenient, but with true industrial motor for high production.

Super fast 1500 spm sewing speed, the latest in digital tension, automatic material type detection.  

The HCD3 is a proven workhorse that easily handles challenging jobs – an essential for any size embroidery business.

This best-seller out of the renowned HCR3 multi-head lineup from HappyJapan, delivers high-volume, high-quality production on even the toughest, most in-demand jobs.

Full training and support is provided with your embroidery machine purchase.   

Financing options through our established partners help you get started sooner 

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Learn why purchasing HappyJapan machines from Texmac is good for your long-term success. 

HappyJapan embroidery machines make quality embroidery easy for embroidery operations at any size.

Start or grow your embroidery business with quality single-head embroidery machines from HappyJapan

Power through your embroidery projects and production demands with quality multi-needle embroidery machines from HappyJapan.

Industrial embroidery machines from HappyJapan are built to go the distance, delivering years of quality embroidery for the most demanding owners.


To what some of our longtime customers have to say about their experience with HappyJapan embroidery machines bought through Texmac!


For businesses and individuals looking for an embroidery machine that will work hard for them that’s easy to operate and maintain, there is no better embroidery machine than those produced by HappyJapan. Since the company began designing and manufacturing commercial embroidery machines in the 1990’s (back then known as Happy Industrial Corporation), they quickly established a reputation for producing high-quality, high-durability embroidery machines. From the outset, even the earlier model lines were highly praised by customers for being able to endure years of hard production while producing consistent, high-stitch-quality embroidery on a wide variety of items. Building on that standard, HappyJapan has also worked to make their embroidery machines user-friendly, with intuitive, touchscreen controls, far easier maintenance requirements.

As the nationwide distributor for HappyJapan embroidery machines since the early 1990’s, there is no other distributor that works so closely with the manufacturer as TEXMAC, which immediately benefits machine owners, with easy access to factory-trained technicians and support staff with years of experience, all dedicated to helping owners get the most out of their embroidery machines. Additionally, TEXMAC is geared towards your long-term success, keeping parts on the shelf for years longer than the competition, and maintaining decades’ worth of operational knowledge so that you can feel confident in going the distance with HappyJapan embroidery machines purchased from TEXMAC.

We are able to help you with just about all aspects of your experience as a HappyJapan embroidery machine owner. TEXMAC provides unmatched support and training for its customers, giving you access to the resources you need to succeed with your machine: years of practical experience in operating and maintaining the equipment, live training classes, both in-person and online, continuous access to phone and Internet support, and a large, growing library of online learning videos and help documents. Finally, our in-house parts & accessories department gives you access to the machine parts you need and competitively-priced, top-quality supplies and accessories.
We have been helping customers get started from the ground up since we got started almost 50 years ago! As our customer, you’ll have easy access to all the learning tools you need, including the ready advice of our experienced staff, and a vast library of videos and help documents to help you learn just about any aspect of operating and maintaining your Happy machine. As far as the machine itself, HappyJapan embroidery machines are easier to learn, operate and maintain than most, so that you can become productive faster and with less downtime. We are sincerely dedicated to helping you become successful, no matter what level you are starting off on!
TEXMAC provides all the resources you’ll need to successfully set up, install, operate and maintain your HappyJapan embroidery equipment. This includes telephone and internet support from our nationwide network of technicians who are also available as-needed for service calls. It also includes unlimited training resources, both classroom and live online training, and a large, growing library of training videos and help documents that you can browse on your own time.
TEXMAC maintains an experienced staff of factory-trained in-house technicians who coordinate with our network of experienced 3rd-party technicians should such a need arise. However, because Happy machines are so easy to maintain, TEXMAC teaches owners how to perform the most common repairs and adjustments, as well as good preventive maintenance and operational practices, so that in actuality, there is very little need for service technicians to come to your location.
HappyJapan embroidery machines are not only easier to learn and maintain (your operators will love them!), but it is also easy to adjust the way the machines run to suit any particular operational style; in short, you’ll be able to match or exceed the quality of the output from your current equipment. Furthermore, you’ll have the assurance of the durability and maintainability that is part of the experience of Happy machine ownership, backed by unrivaled support from TEXMAC.