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Founded in 1923, HappyJapan has been a manufacturer for major industry for over 100 years.  Across its various divisions, the company is involved in the manufacturing, processing, sale and repair of sewing machines, industrial embroidery machines, general industrial and electrical machinery and appliances, general castings and household electrical machines.  HappyJapan has been producing sewing equipment since the mid 20th century.  From that background, HappyJapan has been continuously designing and manufacturing commercial multi-needle embroidery machines for the last 50 years.  HappyJapan’s ongoing dedication and monozukuri in its process has resulted in a machine line that has become legendary for its durability, high quality and ease of use.

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For 50 years ongoing, TEXMAC has been the sole nationwide distributor for HappyJapan, working closely with the manufacturer to deliver an unmatched experience to all looking to start or grow their embroidery business throughout the US and Canada.  Backed by parent company Itochu Corporation, TEXMAC uses its close ties with both parent company and manufacturer to bring top tier equipment to the end user at reasonable prices, while honoring its commitment to to providing comprehensive support at all stages of the customer’s business.  Texmac’s industry-seasoned staff of provides expert consulting for potential customers.  The company retains a depth of experience and training with its technical staff to be able to help owners maximize the operational service lives of their machines.


TEXMAC is a subsidiary of Itochu Corporation, one of the largest trading companies in all of Japan. Highly-diversified in its interests, Itochu Corporation is strong in the textile and machinery businesses.  As the parent company of TEXMAC, it provides key strategic advantages that help us to consistently offer quality products and services to our US customers at competitive pricing – a true extension of the company’s motto, “Committed to the Global Good.”

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10 Year Warranty on new HappyJapan embroidery machines

We’re so confident you’ll love our single-head embroidery machines that we offer an 8-year warranty. We stand firmly behind the resilience and performance of our machines. Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust HappyJapan’s commitment to quality and excellence. Invest in a machine backed by a solid 8-year warranty guarantee today.

Choosing the right embroidery machine is paramount for your success

Without an unreliable single-head embroidery machine, your business could face unpredictable breakdowns, inconsistent stitch quality, and financial loss. This can slow production rates and tarnish your brand’s reputation in a competitive marketplace. Choosing HappyJapan’s single-head embroidery machines equips your business with precision, speed, and reliability. Let us guide you to a future of seamless operations, delighted customers, and unrivaled embroidery excellence.

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