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On this page, you’ll find support resources for HappyJapan’s HCH-701 7-needle embroidery machine.  This includes resources for both the HCH-701 and HCH-701P. 

For new operators, please note that many machine problems can be resolved by reviewing proper operating procedure and maintenance.  These topics are covered in the series of videos further down the page in the section titled, “Learning to Operate/Maintain Your HCH-701”.

Important Links & Announcements

Learning your HappyJapan Embroidery Machine

To learn how to set up, operate, and maintain your machine, the following resources are available to you:
  • Training classes and webinars: take advantage of classroom training being held at various locations.  Additionally, Texmac hosts hour-long live webinars regularly that you can join, ask questions and learn from our experienced instructors.  To see class and webinar information and schedule, GO HERE to our Events page.
  • Texmac YouTube Channel – To see the complete library of learning, support and demonstration videos, CLICK HERE.
  • Setup, Learning and Maintenance Videos: Follow the lists of videos below, in the suggested order, to learn how to set up, operate, and maintain your machine.

Learning: How to Operate and Maintain your HCH-701 Embroidery Machine

List of Common Error Codes & Resolutions

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