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HCH-701P Embroidery machine

HappyJapan’s 7-needle HCH-701P is amazingly affordable, conveniently compact, yet equipped to run years of high-quality, high production on caps and flats!


the best of both worlds

The HCH-701P 7-needle embroidery machine is a marriage of the best design features of the compact line from HappyJapan: The economical, convenient, compact layout of the entry-level HCH-701 and the heavy-duty drive system of the HCS3 12-needle Voyager.  As a result, the HCH-701P inherits Voyager’s legendary durability and productivity, at an affordable price point.

  • Large sew field with included 12″ x 12″ hoop
  • Open front design accepts very large items
  • True, wide-field cap sewing ability, 850 spm speed on caps
  • Heavy-duty drive system gives years of high-quality, sustained high-speed production
HappyJapan HCH-701P embroidery machine

Check out some of these other GREAT BENEFITS

Open Front Design

Easy Maintenance

Main Motor and Heavy-Duty Drive

Easy Touchscreen
Control Panel

Built to Last

Vertical Laser Position Marker

Easy. Smart. Powerful

Included with this machine:

  • Included hoops, in the box:
    • 1 x 320mm (12.6in) x 320mm (12.6in) square hoops
    • 1 x 150mm (5.9in) round hoops
  • Operator’s toolkit
  • HappyLINK & HappyLAN connection software

Optional Cap Sewing Kit:

  • Complete wide-field cap sewing kit, including driver, cap stretcher (hooping station), 1x wide-field cap frame

Create professional-quality designs with HappyJapan precision embroidery machines.

  • Dimensions and Specifications:
    • Width: 25.3in
    • Depth: 29.3in
    • Height (with thread stand) 28.9in
    • Height (without thread stand) 23.3in
    • Weight: 88 lbs
    • Maximum speed: 1000spm tubular / 850spm caps
    • Sewing area, tubular: 11.2in x 11.4in
    • Sewing area, caps: 2.6in h x 11.4in w
    • Power requirements: Single Phase 100-115V, 350W, 60Hz

Don't Strike Out!


When it comes to your business, make sure you knock it out of the park. This machine’s performance when embroidering baseball caps deserves a separate mention of its own. Its maximum sewing speed of 850spm on ball caps is much greater than that of any other compact, and it accomplishes this without compromising quality. Unlike other compact multi-needle machines from other brands, Voyager was designed from the outset to embroider caps as well as flat goods. It makes short work of challenging jobs such as 3D puff or the ever popular and stiffer trucker-style hats. Traditionally, these hats are more challenging for most machines. With HCS3, the latest iteration of Voyager, its ultra-slim sewing arm lets you sew higher on caps as well as more effectively on lower profile caps without distorting the design.

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8 Year Warranty on new HappyJapan embroidery machines exclusively through

We’re so confident you’ll love our single-head embroidery machines that we offer an 8-year warranty. We stand firmly behind the resilience and performance of our machines. Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust HappyJapan’s commitment to quality and excellence. Invest in a machine backed by a solid 8-year warranty guarantee today.

Choosing the right embroidery machine is paramount for your success

Without an unreliable single-head embroidery machine, your business could face unpredictable breakdowns, inconsistent stitch quality, and financial loss. This can slow production rates and tarnish your brand’s reputation in a competitive marketplace. Choosing HappyJapan’s single-head embroidery machines equips your business with precision, speed, and reliability. Let us guide you to a future of seamless operations, delighted customers, and unrivaled embroidery excellence.

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