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HCD3e-1501 embroidery MACHINE


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The 15-needle HCD3e is the best-selling, full-size commercial single-head from HappyJapan.  Read on to find out why.


newest evolution of the HCD-series

The 15-needle HCD3e is HappyJapan’s best-selling, full-size commercial single-head embroidery machine, with a very large sewing field (max 20.5″w x 15.74″h) With a very high max operating speed (1200spm) heavy-duty drive system, and slimmer-profile sewing arm, this machine is able to handle anything from delicate projects to heavy items, while operating continuously through year-round production.

Happyapan HCD3e-1501 commercial embroidery machine

Check out these GREAT benefits

Repositionable Arms

Easy Maintenance

Easy Touchscreen Control Panel

Take your business to the next level

Standard Features:

  • Color LCD touchscreen panel
  • Customizable front screen apps
  • USB/LAN ports for direct PC connection
  • Built-in help, auto-error correction
  • Combine designs & text directly onscreen
  • Built-in lettering & stock designs
  • Onboard editing: rotate, scalle, mirror, satin pull compensation, stitch cleanup, lockstitching
  • Import any compatible 3rd-party hoop onscreen for accurate positioning
  • Load, set up additional designs while machine is running

Create professional-quality designs with HappyJapan precision embroidery machines.

Specifications & Features

Included with the Machine

HappyJapan HCD3e-1501 embroidery machine dimensions

Nothing But The Best!

The HCD3e-1501 is the newest and best version of the long-running HCD-series of full-sized commercial single-head embroidery machines from HappyJapan. Over an almost 20-year development span, the HCD-series has become the go-to single-head for thousands of embroidery shops of all sizes.

With the included 17.25” x 16.5” hoops, you can take advantage of HCD3e’s very large continuous sewing field to accommodate big projects, such as extra large jackets, large-quantity patch orders, tapestries, flags, and more.

The HCD3e-1501 gives the embroiderer some impressive capabilities when embroidering on ball caps.  Its expansive cap sewing field offers great flexibility: at 80mm (3.1in) high x 360mm (14.1in) wide, several logo/design placements can be embroidered in a single run (such as the front and both sides), while being able to charge separately for each placement.  And with a true heavy-duty drive system, HCD3e easily handles challenging projects such as tall, trucker-style ball caps, bucket hats, stretchy “flexfit” hats and more.

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10 Year Warranty on new HappyJapan embroidery machines exclusively through

We’re so confident you’ll love our single-head embroidery machines that we offer a 10-year warranty. We stand firmly behind the resilience and performance of our machines. Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust HappyJapan’s commitment to quality and excellence. Invest in a machine backed by a solid 10-year warranty guarantee today.

Choosing the right embroidery machine is paramount for your success

Without an unreliable single-head embroidery machine, your business could face unpredictable breakdowns, inconsistent stitch quality, and financial loss. This can slow production rates and tarnish your brand’s reputation in a competitive marketplace. Choosing HappyJapan’s single-head embroidery machines equips your business with precision, speed, and reliability. Let us guide you to a future of seamless operations, delighted customers, and unrivaled embroidery excellence.

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