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HCH-701 Journey Embroidery Machine


* payment based on 72-month term, 10% down payment for well-qualified buyers. Rates subject to change. Pricing reflects standard machine package.

The 7-needle HCH-701 provides big machine features at an entry-level price: large sewing field, and exceptional sewing quality equally on flats and ballcaps.

The 7-Needle Journey: big machine capability, entry-level price

The 7-needle Journey embroidery machine from HappyJapan provides a lot for its entry-level price: a large 11.4″ x 11.2″ sewing field, fast 1000spm sewing speed, and an unrestricted sewing arm that allows the machine to take on very large and small products.  Journey is also very easy to learn and operate, with its intuitive touchscreen controls and customizable front screen.   Whether a startup or an established business, any size operation can take advantage of this machine’s capabilities.

Produce quality embroidery just about anywhere.

HappyJapan hch-701 Journey embroidering caps
Embroider easily on flat goods and ballcaps!
happyjapan hch-701 embroidering golf bag

Unrestricted Sewing Arm Design

We can’t  overstate the benefits of the unrestricted sewing arm design that’s built into HappyJapan’s compact machine line, which includes the HCH-701 Journey shown here, the HCH-701Plus, and the 12-needle HCS3-1201 Voyager.  Unlike other machines in this size class, the 7 needle and 12 needle models from HappyJapan are unencumbered by support legs, allowing very large items to be embroidered such as golf bags, totes, suitcases, and more. 

Specifications & Features

Included with the Machine

HappyJapan HCH-701 embroidery machine dimensions

Simple user interface reduces the learning curve, speeds up output, and enhances quality.

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