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The Journey 7-Needle Embroidery Machine merges affordability and professional quality.

Is your current embroidery machine hard to operate, restrict your design capabilities, or limit your production rates?

The Journey 7-needle Embroidery Machine helps you overcome these common challenges with multiple features.

The compact size, ready-to-use design tools, fast sewing speeds, and user-friendly operation make this 7-needle embroidery machine a game-changing investment to achieve next-level performance with your projects.

Embark on your creative journey with an embroidery machine guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

Achieve consistent quality and precision in every project with the Journey Embroidery Machine.

The Journey Embroidery Machine is engineered for unmatched precision, swift operations, and top-tier professional output. Harnessing a suite of advanced features, it guarantees results every time, reflecting the perfect blend of innovation and craftsmanship. Tailored to optimize productivity and cater to your business aspirations, the Journey Embroidery Machine becomes an essential tool in your operations. Invest in the Journey Embroidery Machine and redefine the boundaries of your embroidery projects.

Designed for compact spaces and efficient operation.

happyjapan hch-701 embroidering on caps

Enhance creativity and ensure readiness with versatile tools and designs.

Optimize your embroidery output with speed and precision.

happyjapan hch-701 embroidering golf bag

Simple user interface reduces the learning curve, speeds up output, and enhances quality.

Real stories from our successful customers

Your embroidery machine is protected with Texmac’s exclusive 8-year warranty.

With Texmac, you’re investing in superior machinery and a risk-free future for your embroidery ventures. Envision the growth and success you can achieve with every project, knowing that our commitment firmly stands behind you. So, why wait? Ensure your operations remain smooth and efficient with a HappyJapan embroidery machine today.

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