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Learning Page for HappyJapan HCH-701 Journey Single-head Embroidery Machine

On this page, you’ll find resources for learning the setup, operation, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting for the 7-needle HCH-701 from HappyJapan.

Embroidery Machine training from TEXMAC

If you purchased your machine from Texmac, you can take advantage of the included live online and in-person classes.

  • Online classes – are regularly hosted in the form of live webinars that last approximately 1 hour.  Participants are able to ask their own questions that will be addressed by the instructor throughout the course of the instruction.  Online class schedule and links to join the classes are found on our events calendar. No advance registration is required for online classes.
  • In-Person Classes – The classroom training schedule is also found on our Events calendar.  Advance registration is required to attend in-person training.  Information for each class, such as registration forms, location, times, and material covered is posted on the listed event in the Events page.
  • Onsite training at your location is arranged through the service department, whether purchased as an option with the machine purchased or requested later .  Call 866-838-2424 or send an e-mail to

Check out these great resources

Here you’ll find links and resources for learning to set up, operate, and maintain your HCH-701 embroidery machine.

  • Training Workbook: Here is the link to the PDF file of the training workbook produced by Texmac for this model machine.  It provides useful information that is referenced in other sections of this page:.

  • Assembling and setting up your HCH-701 Embroidery Machine: The following video sequence walks you through unboxing and setting up your embroidery machine and optional stand:

Embroidery Machine Operation

Final Setup

  • Recommended settings: Follow these steps on your machine control panel for recommended settings for your machine.  Note that the HCU2 model is shown in this video, but the setup is identical for all touchscreen embroidery machine models from HappyJapan.
  • Recommended shortcuts: Follow the steps in this video to customize your main screen with popular, time-saving shortcuts that are generally recommended for new operators.  Note that the HCU2 model is shown in this video, but the setup is identical for all touchscreen embroidery machine models from HappyJapan.



Watch this video for a general machine orientation. Actual model shown in the video (HCS2) is slightly different, but the points are applicable to the HCH-701

Setting Up a Design in the Control Panel

Follow this video to learn the essential steps for setting up a new design to sew, including design loading, color assignment, hoop selection, positioning and trace:

Machine Maintenance

The common maintenance requirements for your HappyJapan embroidery machine are simple: (1) rotary hook oiling (also known as “A” oiling point), (2) reciprocator & needle bar oiling (also known as the “B” oiling points), and (3) cleaning of the rotary hook area and cutting system.  Follow these procedures in detail as shown in the videos links below:

Embroidering on Finished Ballcaps

Your HappyJapan embroidery machine is capable of embroidering on finished ballcaps.  To do so successfully, it is important to understand the important differences between ballcap sewing and regular flat sewing on flat/tubular goods such as shirts, hoodies, blankets, etc.  You can read about those differences in the learning workbook linked on this page.  Successful cap embroidery begins with proper machine setup (installing the cap driver) and proper cap hooping procedure.  Cap hooping is somewhat more complicated than hooping traditional flat goods, and must be done almost perfectly to achieve good quality results.  

  • Follow the procedure shown in this video to install the cap driver for your HCH-701 embroidery machine.  It is IMPORTANT to notice how the plunger switch is properly engaged.
  • Follow the procedure shown in this video to learn proper cap hooping.  It is IMPORTANT to perform this to near-perfection to achieve consistent, high-quality results in embroidering ballcaps.

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Important Skills

Smooth, trouble-free operation of your HappyJapan embroidery machine hinges on learning and mastering some simple skills and practices that must be performed regularly during operation: 

  • Properly loading the bobbin (lower) thread and performing a bobbin tension check: watch this video to learn how to properly re-load your bobbin case with a new bobbin and perform a tension check.
  • Upper thread check: Perform this check on every needle/color when first setting up your machine, and on any color/needle position you are about to use that hasn’t been run recently. 
  • Replacing a Needle: needles should be replaced as often as needed, and they must be aligned in a very specific way. Further discussion on needle replacement is found in the learning workbook linked on this page.
  • Setup for different types of embroidery jobs requires knowledge in the following:
    • Digitized design: when at all possible, best quality is achieved if the design has been digitized specifically for the type of garment or fabric you will be embroidering it on.  For example, a design that has been optimized for a polo shirt will probably not sew well on a fleece blanket or ballcap, and vice-versa.  If you have obtained your design from another source instead of having it custom-digitized for a particular fabric or garment, (for example, purchased or downloaded from an online site that provided no information about what it was set up for) it is important to test the design on a similar fabric before embroidering on the final product to verify sew quality / compatibility with that garment or fabric.  When having a design digitized for a specific job, it is important to provide the following to the digitizer to ensure a quality product with respect to the digitizing:
      • Best quality artwork you can get from your customer
      • Size of the final embroidery design – any given design has to be digitized differently for each size
      • Any information about the garment/fabric – ideally the style number so that the digitizer can see information about material thickness, stretchiness, composition, texture and other factors that affect how the design is digitized
      • Any information about the way the design needs to be embroidered that is not obvious from the artwork (this can include specific color requirements, design elements that are not intended to be sewn, requests for applique, 3d puff or other special techniques that your customer may require.
    • Choosing the appropriate needle for the job – for the most part, you can use the 75/11 sharp point needle for most applications.  Further discussion on needle choice is found in the learning workbook linked on this page.
    • Choosing the appropriate stabilizer for the job will directly affect the quality of the sew-out.  Further discussion on stabilizer choice is found in the learning workbook linked on this page.

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